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              OFFER #101
              OFFER #101  
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              Discover how oil will make Israel one of the wealthiest nations on earth, finance the build-up her military culminating in her victory over her Islamic neighbors in WWIII in 30 Prophecies of Oil in Israel:

              I give you 30 specific Bible prophecies saying massive amounts of oil will be found in Israel—at least twice that of Saudi Arabia.  You will hear my miraculous story of why I believe God will give me the opportunity to drill for oil in Israel.

              •    Will Millions Move to Israel?
              •    Will the Antichrist Attack Israel?
              •    Is the Milk and Honey really Yellow Crude Oil?
              •    Is It Time for Oil to be Discovered in Israel?
              •    Where Is the Oil?
              •    Why Hasn’t Oil Been Found?
              •    Will Oil Discovery cause Jews to receive Jesus?
              •    Will the Russian’s attack Israel for their oil?

              Get this triple DVD set 30 Prophecies of Oil in Israel plus a sample of yellow crude oil.

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