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              Biography: Stan Johnson 
                 Stan Johnson (with the help of God) learned to succeed the hard way—perhaps the most difficult job in the world. At the age of 22 he began to sell residential heat and smoke detection systems to wake people in the event of a fire. In 1976 the primary way to sell this was door-to-door selling! Not only did Stan stick with the job for six years, but became an over-night success in many ways. 
                 Three months after starting he was the number one salesman in the nation! At the end of his first eleven months he finished the year as the number two salesman for the year! He went on to win five national championships. He won rings, free trips and bonuses in sales contests. There was scarcely an award or victory he did not win. He won because he refused to quit when all seemed lost. Against impossible odds he came out on top. In 1976 he also began a life-long hobby. All the while he was studying Bible prophecy. 
                A door was opened in the field of motivational speaking and training with the world’s largest training organization. Likewise he won about every award and contest in sales with that company. For thirteen years his job was to sell enrollments to courses, teach courses and hire and train people to sell and teach classes in management, public speaking, human relations, sales courses, personnel development courses. He called on bank presidents, business owners and individuals and enjoyed a wonderful reputation in his community. He received many promotions but was called into fulltime ministry just prior to receiving his own franchise —the highest promotion available in the company. 
                Once in ministry he (with the help of God) built a ministry in Bible prophecy. Using both radio and television it grew to become the number two ministry dealing with Bible prophecy. Over the last 17 years Stan has hosted over 135 guest speakers in which he has interviewed some of the worlds most informed Bible prophecy teachers, and most anointed Prophets. As a result, Stan is one of the leading teachers in future events and Bible prophecy! 
                He has been teaching Bible prophecy for twenty years, and made twenty-two DVD’s on Bible prophecy. The Truth About the Rapture, Revelation Verse by Verse, Daniel Verse by Verse, The Coming Police State, Oil and Judgment, Building Your Prayer Closet: Protection in the Day of Trouble, the Mark of the Beast Almost Here, America in Prophecy, The Battle of Armageddon, The Middle East War, Prophecies of Oil In Israel, More Prophecies of Oil in Israel, Asher’s Prophecy of Oil in Israel, Artificial Life: Image of the Beast, DNA of the Mark of the Beast, The System of the Mark of the Beast, 122 Signs to Eternity, Police State Almost Here, What it will Take for America to Repent, The Next 911, The Secret Door to Understand All Prophecy, and More Truth About the Rapture
                In addition to radio he (with the help of God) has also started three churches and seen them grow in numbers. Stan has success in both business as well as ministry, which has given him a unique perspective on the future of the world. 
                Stan has found thirty scriptures, more scriptures than any other person, which prophesy massive amounts of oil will be found in Israel. He believes he has found in scripture the best place and how deep to drill for oil. 
                On November 27th, 2007 he was asked to form an oil company to find the prophesied oil in Israel. On January 1, 2008 he formed PROPHETIC OIL, INC. and is gathering the funds to drill for oil in Israel. 
                In January of 2011 Stan (with the help and direction of God) started Stan Predicts, a television program to bring basic Bible prophecy to America. 
              Note from Stan… 
                In 2001 God spoke audibly to me telling me He is going to give me “thousands upon thousands of souls.” Thirty days later He gave me a dream saying that the way he would fund this massive soul-winning campaign is by oil. November 27, 2007 I was asked to start an oil company to find the promised milk and honey in Israel. January 1, 2008 we started PROPHETIC OIL, INC. As you recall in 2009 God spoke audibly to me saying, “Stan, I will give you the money to drill the well in Israel.” 
                In March of 2010 I had a dream called End times from the Cross in which God was telling me that SECULAR people will hear Bible prophecy and the warning of the last days more than Christians, and that I will catch more fish in the fresh water (the lost) than I will in the salt water (Christians). 
                Then in April He gave me another dream I call simply Dream of TV in which I was teaching Bible prophecy in front of TV cameras. I was simply sharing what God had put on my heart, which told me He was directing me to start a TV program. 
                We began to make plans to start a TV program for secular people on secular stations. We did NOT want it to sound Christian in any way the idea was to get them to watch the program to determine if they liked it. We settled on the name Stan Predicts. 
                 In October Prophet Leslie had a dream which answered a prayer I had been praying only five minutes before. The dream directed me to wear a different pair of shoes, meaning to do a TV program rather than a radio program, and that it would lead the ministry out of a soul-winning and financial drought, “out of the woods.” It further said many people would begin to follow the TV program and be very excited about getting fed the truth about Bible prophecy. 
                Then in November radio co-host, David Phillips had a dream we believe it is referring to Stan Predicts. In the dream I came to him and said, "We really hit a home run on this one. I mean, it's like in baseball. Everything I have done in the past is like a strike compared to this. I have now hit the ball right on, out of the ball park!" 
                Finally in December God gave me another dream that two spirits from the day I came into the ministry had been devouring our finances and that God had removed them. 
                I believe the start of Stan Predicts will herald a new era of successful soul-winning culminating in filling sports stadiums with souls coming to Christ—my lifetime objective. 
                The parable of the rich young ruler is essentially telling us that winning souls is more important than anything in this life. (Luke 18:18-27) And DAN 12:3 says, “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.” 
                So here is your opportunity to use the gospel and Bible prophecy to win thousands upon thousands of souls—and make your eternity a little brighter—brighter by supporting our vision to turn people to righteousness. Don’t you want to glow like a star forever? Pray about joining our Partaker program of monthly support. 
              God bless you, 
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